Commodity Trading

The farming business is full of uncertainties. It is advisable to seek a diverse marketing plan that will help protect your business and your livelihood.

Northern Ag dba Midwest Market Solutions, is committed to assist our clients with creating reasonable and successful marketing plans which consist of cash sale recommendations as well as hedge account guidance, if desired. We realize each farm is unique which is why we work with you to develop a detailed plan to assist in risk reduction and cash flow predictability.

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Planning And Strategy

Creating a solid foundation for your business growth starts with a solid marketing plan. At Northern Ag dba Midwest Market Solutions, we provide marketing advice that will help take the guesswork out of planning for your farming’s business future. Our expertise is in creating a risk management plan that offers not only a reliable crop insurance option but also a top-notch plan for marketing your business in the future.

Trading Implementation

With years of experience in different related industries, our team of expert staff has the capabilities to take your farm operations to the next level. We combine our skills and insights to transform your marketing techniques, and consecutively, give your business an edge over the competition. We are proud to help with commodity marketing plans, trading execution, and improving your profitability. We’re always here to help!

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R.J. O’Brien

R.J. O’Brien is known for its vast knowledge in agricultural commodities markets. RJO is well-established in agricultural futures and options markets, which have consistently been the cornerstone of their business. Our partnership with R.J. O’Brien offers youreliable commodity futures market insights and strategies, which comes from a combined years of experience and exclusive on-the-ground market and cash market intelligence in both technical analysis and agricultural fundamentals.

RJO Brien
Trade agriculture futures and options markets (grains, livestock) on major exchanges. World-class execution, clearing, analytics and support.
Midwest Market Solutions
Midwest Market Solutions is the leading edge in commodity marketing and trading and is widely recognized as one of the top marketing advisory and brokerage firms in America.
Midwest Market Solutions

Founded in 2002, Midwest Market Solutions remains a leading firm in commodity trading and marketing. They offer exceptional services to clients across the nation, and are widely recognized as one of the top marketing advisory and brokerage firms in America. At Northern Ag dba Midwest Market Solutions, we work with Midwest Market Solutions to provide personalized trading strategies and unique marketing programs for individual farm operations as well as full-service and discount broker services.


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