Hailstorms can be extremely devastating to your crops, profits, and the long-term success of your farm operation. If you are often at the mercy of the weather – growing crops that are most vulnerable to hail damage such as wheat, corn, and soybeans or you own land in susceptible areas, then Crop-hail insurance can protect your livelihood. This does not exempt you if you are in an area with a low frequency of hail damage, or areas prone to other types of weather-related risks, such as sudden frosts or wind. Crop-Hail Insurance provides coverage above and beyond your MPCI policy to keep your crop protected.
Did you know that Crop-Hail coverage can protect beyond the physical hail storm damages?

Depending on the crop and the region, crop-hail insurance offer extended coverage for losses due to lightning, fire, vandalism, wind and malicious mischief. Some specific perils while in transit and storage may be included at no additional cost to you. But note that crop-hail insurance does not protect weather-related risks like excess moisture or drought, sudden frost, and will also not cover price risk.


Northern Ag Inc works with Farmer’s Mutual Hail and Armtech to design crop-hail coverage that fit your risk management strategy and meet your budget. Our hail coverage plans ranges from basic/full, no deductible, and crop-hail coverage to an array of deductible coverage. Not all plans are available in all states. But we have tailored the plans to suit your needs regardless of your state and region. When you work with us, you can determine the available plan that will best suit your risk management needs for the present insurance year.


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At Northern Ag Inc, we understand there are several different circumstances and conditions in every region. This is why we provide risk management products that deliver a level of security to farmers. We are well-equipped to offer crop-hail insurance coverage that meets the risk-management needs of producers and farmers.

No time is too late to apply for a crop-hail insurance policy.
You can purchase crop-hail insurance at any point during the growing season – even in the mid-season. This distinctive ability makes hail insurance perfect for adding extra coverage for crops of exceptionally high value or bumper crops yields.
Disasters don't have to ruin your bottom line
Contact Northern Ag Inc. to see how quickly coverage can be bound! Our combined years of experience, insights and exceptional skills have positioned us in a better way to offer a variety of crop-hail coverage plans depending on your specific needs.

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